Booking Terms & Conditions at Winstrup Minihotel & Hostel

The booking is binding for both the customer and Winstrup Minihotel & Hostel once it has been confirmed by Winstrup Minihotel & Hostel. Confirmation is done via email.

Winstrup Minihotel & Hostel is further referred to as the Hostel in the booking terms and conditions.

The guest and the person paying for the booking are jointly responsible for any costs incurred by the guest due to negligence, lack of judgment, or as per the conditions below.

When booking, the guest’s name, email address, and mobile phone number must be provided. Our reception is unmanned, and necessary information for check-in will be sent in advance via email.

Check-in to your room is possible from 4:00 PM on the day of arrival. If you arrive earlier, you can enter through the entrance door from 2:00 PM and use our common area. Check-out must be done by 11:00 AM on the day of departure.

All bookings are to be paid online in advance with a credit card, and payment can be made anytime after the booking has been received. Confirmation of payment will be sent via email. Payment via Swish, PayPal, or BG is possible by agreement.

The option to book a bed in a female dormitory is only available to those of biologically female gender. Those identifying with a different gender are referred to mixed dormitories or the mini-hotel. In cases where a booking for a female dormitory does not involve a female guest, the Hostel reserves the right to move the guest to another dormitory.

We reserve the right to assign a different dormitory than the one booked or stated in the booking confirmation on the day of check-in. This is normally done to provide guests with an undersized bed in another room and reduce congestion in a specific dormitory. However, we will not move women from our female dormitories to mixed dormitories without agreement.

Free cancellation is possible until midnight two days before the day of arrival, and the paid amount will be refunded. After that, the booking is non-refundable and cannot be changed in terms of check-in date and length of stay. Later cancellations or no-shows will not be refunded. If you have paid through a booking channel, refunds will be handled by them.

Bookings with a non-refundable rate will not be refunded, and dates cannot be changed either.

Each sleeping alcove is intended for one person only, and personal guests are not allowed in the dormitories or common areas. Only use the bed/beds assigned to you in the check-in email. Using bed linen from other beds or from storage shelves/laundry carts will be charged at SEK 250 per bed.

For guests staying in the mini-hotel, the key should be left on the outside of the room door during check-out. Lost or unreturned keys will result in a lock replacement fee. The cost of lock replacement and installation will be charged to the person who booked the room.

Gaining access to the Hostel, using the Hostel’s facilities, or staying overnight without a valid booking is considered trespassing (unless otherwise agreed in writing), and will be reported to the police. In addition, a penalty fee of SEK 5,000 per person will be charged.

Avoid letting unfamiliar persons into the premises through the front door. All guests with valid bookings have access to our 24-hour service number and should contact us directly if they encounter any problems. Guests without a booking can call the number displayed on the notice outside the main door and glass door.

The Hostel assumes responsibility for you and your belongings only if damage is caused by the Hostel’s staff. The Hostel does not take responsibility for luggage stored in the dormitories, reception, or common areas.

The guest is responsible for any damage caused by themselves or persons accompanying the guest within the hostel premises, entrance or parking area, including persons let in through the front door. Candles or oil lamps with an open flame are not allowed within the hostel premises.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Hostel. Guests who violate this rule will be charged a smoking fee of 1,000 SEK for the first offense. Repeat offenses will result in immediate check-out without refund. Smoking that triggers the fire alarm will be charged with additional fees (see costs for fire department visits in the next paragraph).

Guests who cause the fire alarm to go off due to negligence (e.g., not using the kitchen hood while cooking, frying food at high temperatures, toasting bread in the oven, smoking, lighting candles, etc.) will be charged according to the current rate set by the Fire Department. In 2023, the rate is 12,150 SEK between 07:00-18:00. Callouts outside of these hours will incur an additional 50% surcharge. In case of rate changes, the new rate will apply and be charged to the person responsible for the callout. In addition, a callout fee for personnel of at least 900 SEK (if the issue can be resolved within 1 hour) will also be charged.

It is strictly prohibited to tamper with smoke detectors, cover them, or in any way interfere with the functioning of the fire alarm. Any tampering with the fire alarm equipment may result in impaired function or other operational disruptions that could endanger all guests. Tampering with the fire alarm will result in a penalty fee of 5,000 SEK.

Pets are not allowed without prior approval during booking. Extra charges may apply, and acceptance of the pet will be indicated in the booking confirmation.

Luggage must not be stored on the beds due to the risk of spreading pests (e.g., bedbugs) and contamination. Bags, etc., should be stored in lockers, on surfaces above lockers, and in luggage shelves. Violations of this rule may result in Winstrup Hostel charging additional costs for pest control, extra cleaning, etc.

If the guest acts in a disruptive manner or does not respect these general terms and conditions or house rules, Winstrup Hostel reserves the right to evict the guest without refund for remaining nights of the booking and to refuse future bookings from the guest in question.

Discount offers for returning guests are valid for bookings with check-in within 12 months from the guest’s latest check-out date.

Surveillance cameras are in place in the reception, lounge, and kitchen areas to prevent theft and to enable us to identify guests who do not comply with our booking terms or house rules.

By making a booking, you accept that we collect personal information in order to deliver the service you have booked, process payment with the credit card provided, and handle your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Legal entities, authorities, and nonprofit organizations may pay by invoice by prior agreement. An administration fee of 250 SEK (excl. VAT) will be charged for all amounts less than 1,500 SEK.