House rules
In order for everyone to be able to enjoy their stay at Winstrup Hostel we have some very simple and logical house-rules:

  • Smoking is of course strictly forbidden (and a false alarm to the fire brigade will cost 900 EUR for the person causing it e.g. by smoking inside)
  • Leave the showers and toilets nice and clean and don't stay too long... :-)
  • Never put your bag/luggage in your bed - use the lockers and shelves
  • Never put luggage or mattresses on the floor in the dorm it is a fire safety issue 
  • Keep your stuff in order in the dorm - it's nicer for your mates in the same dorm and it also makes it possible for our staff to clean properly
  • Please be silent if you return to your dorm after 23.00 or if you get up before 7.00 - your dorm mates might want to sleep...
  • When you check out, please return your used bed linen (and towel) in the grey sacks in the lobby area (clearly marked)
  • You can use the kitchen any time from 9.00 - 22.00 (we often use it for breakfast buffet from 7.00 - 9.00)
  • People under 18 may never be in the hostel without a responsible adult present at the same time
  • When you use the kitchen, please make sure everything is clean and shiny when you're done. Rinse plates etc that you have used before you put it in the dishwasher, please wash pans, pots etc by hand and put back where you took them.
  • Help us to recycle trash

Obvisously we have not covered all rules in the bullets above and hence you have to follow the instructions from the staff at Winstrup Hostel. If you do not agree with a certain rule, please immediately contact the owners at +46723290800 or

If you do not respect the rules your stay will be cancelled and no refund for remaining nights will be given.