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Staying with us


At Winstrup we offer accomodation in dormitories - or dorms for short. They’re perfect for groups or single travellers.

Book as many beds as you need and the rest will be filled by guests travelling alone or in smaller groups. We have 6 rooms with a total of 38 beds (with 4-8 beds in each). A couple of the rooms are for women only and the rest are mixed.

All beds are specially designed and built permanently in place with high-quality mattresses and privacy curtains. It's your own private and quiet space. What you get when staying with us is far from the simple bunk-beds you normally find in hostels.

Also - to make sure our beds stay fresh and bug-free we don't allow sleeping bags or your own sheets - fresh and comfy sheets are included in the price.

Check in / Check out
You pay your stay online in advance when you make your reservation and your reservation is non-refundable. You can book online until latest 18.00 on the arrival day - we do not accept any bookings later than this.

You will receive an e-mail with your access code for the front door and for the dorm short before arrival. The front door code is active on the arrival day in case you would like to drop off some luggage and your code for the dorm is active from 16.00 on the day of arrival until check-out.

Latest check out is 11.00.

With our simple and superfast check in / check out process we normally do not have staff at the reception counter. However, we are on site every day and we also have a contact number (we might be making beds in another room when you are looking for us) which is written on your Welcome letter.
It also means that you do not have to worry about arriving before reception close! Your door codes will let you in.

Remember the most important meal of the day. Every morning our friends at "Crêperiet" (just around the corner) serve a tasty breakfast buffet at a discounted price. The buffet is open weekdays 7-10 and weekends 8-11.

At Winstrup we can’t stand the thought of our guests being hungry. The big guest kitchen is fully equipped with utensils, microwaves, stoves and fridges. But the main point is; this is a great place to get to know the other guests!

We have two large guest fridges where you can keep stuff during your stay. Make sure your things are marked and of course you store things here at your own risk.

Oh, the tap water is delicious and perfectly safe to drink, by the way, so there's no need to buy bottled water.

Hot showers!
There are plenty of showers at Winstrup, all brand new. There is no time limit or extra charge for the hot water. Of course not! But we anyway recommend short showers for environmental reasons.

Central heating and air condition!
All rooms are provided with central heating in winter and air condition in summer, so that a constant temperature of about 20 degrees is maintained. In case you come from a warmer part of the planet and feel chilly, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for an extra blanket. We will keep you safe and warm!

Surf all you want using our WiFi in the common areas and it's (ah, get used to it) also free (and super-fast)!

You can use our washing machines and tumblers for a small  fee.

We love this planet, and we want to treat it well. Our environmental policy covers waste recycling, using energy from renewable sources, using new and energy efficient white wares and light bulbs (LED), and of course we also have a non-smoking indoor environment. You can help too by taking short showers and recycling your garbage.

Movie night!
So if you don’t feel like going out, make yourself some pop corn and curl up in a sofa in the lounge where you  simply stream your movie directly using our network, connect via HDMI or by Chromecast.

Café / study hall!
Come hang out with us in the lounge! Take a moment to relax, write a couple of postcards, or if you are a student - use it as your study hall.

We have lockers in all rooms if you want to lock up your luggage. Bring your own padlock, add one to your booking (and it will be waiting for you when you arrive), or just ask one of our staff.

Safe and comfortable!
We have a 24/7 automatic alarm system connected to SOS Alarm for your safety  and we also have a super efficient and environmentally friendly heating and ventilation system  for your comfort.

Luggage room!
Before you check in or after you have checked out you can keep your luggage behind the reception counter, free of charge. Perfect if you have a couple of hours before you leave, and you don’t want to carry your heavy backpack around town. (Just be aware that all our guests have access to the same luggage room, so don't leave your valuables there). We do not take any responsibility for luggage stored in the reception area.

Curfews - of course not!
Once you have checked in, the hostel has no curfew. You can come and go as you like with the door codes you get when you check in.

No membership needed!
You don’t have to be a member of a hostel organisation to stay at Winstrup.

Winstrup himself
Peder Winstrup was a bishop in Lund a very loooong time ago and he was the man behind the idea of a University in Lund - we are happy about this... :-)

In short..

  • Specially designed sleeping pods with privacy curtains
  • State-of-the-art ventilation system
  • Bed-linen are included in the price, but (sometimes, not very often) you have to make your own bed
  • Daily cleaning of the room
  • Breakfast buffet at Crêperiet (Klostergatan 14) at 15% discount (SEK 130 vs. normal price SEK 160)
  • Towels (SEK 70) and padlocks (SEK 50)
  • Lockers in each room
  • No lock-out and no curfews
  • Great international staff
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • WiFi internet access (free)
  • Washing machine and tumble dryer (SEK 50)
  • Check in daily from 16.00 (if you arrive early you may use our lounge area)
  • Latest check out is at 11.00
  • Luggage storage free of charge but at your own risk 
  • Energy recovery system and waste recycling

We do not offer

  • En-suite bathrooms - only common ones, but with private shower compartments and toilets of course
  • Single or double rooms (try CheckInn B&B or Hotell Oskar instead)
Lots of nationalities for breakfast